Travel Money has been suspended during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. We hope to restore this service when possible.

Travel Money

  • Best rates in Andover for over 50 different currencies including Euro’s and Dollar’s.
  • Guaranteed 0% commission on all transactions.
  • Simple, quick speedy service.

How does it work?

  1. Come into the store and exchange your money.
  2. You can use either cash or debit cards (we do not accept credit cards for currency).
  3. If we need ID we will record the details. It’s always worth bringing ID just in case.


Will I need ID?
On most transactions under £750 you won’t need ID, however, the system does random checks so it’s always worth having it with you.

I have some holiday money left over will you exchange it?
We will always help you exchange your unused currency. We offer the best rates in Andover and 0% commission.

If I need to order some currency how long will it take?
We stock the most popular currencies however if you need another currency we can order it in for you. For currency ordered on a Monday – Thursday, it should take 48 hours.

Top Tip!
Its likely to cost you more money to change your holiday money up at a resort. Why spend your holiday trying to find the best exchange rate when you could be having fun.



Due to the current circumstances and wanting to make the shop as safe for everyone as possible we will only be open for certain services via appointments.

We will be closed on Saturdays until we can fully open.

Please make an appointment by

Calling 01264 335566 Mon – Fri 09:30 – 17:30

Services Available

Gold Buying – Please arrange an appointment.

Pawnbroking – Please arrange an appointment.

New Buy Back – Please arrange an appointment.

Renewal Buy Back – Please arrange an appointment if you must pay by cash. If you can pay by card please call the store to renew.

Redeem Buy Back – Please arrange an appointment.

Chq Cashing – Please arrange an appointment.

Western Union – Please arrange an appointment.

All other services will be closed until the shop re-opens.

Thank you for your patience during this time.