We Buy Gold & Silver

Old Jewellery, Gold Bars, Broken Jewellery, Coins, Watches, Rings, Medals, Earrings, Necklaces, Chains, Bracelets, Pendants, Sovereigns, Cutlery, Bowls, Dishes and even gold teeth.

If it’s gold or silver and you want to sell it then we want to buy it. Don’t forget we will stick by our motto “walk out our door with more”.

Sell your items in 3 easy steps

  1. Step One – How do you want to sell your items?
    • Bring the items to the store any time we are open.
    • Request an appointment in-store or book an appointment here.
    • Request a collection at home. You can book here.
  2. Step Two – We will value your items immediately and make you an offer.
  3. Step Three – Choose how to be paid.
    • Cash.
    • Bank Transfer.

It’s really that simple. Why don’t you join the hundreds of customers that have been amazed by the amounts they are paid for their items.


I have inherited a large amount of jewellery and I’m not sure what it’s worth can you help?
We will review each item and explain what you have and its value. We pride ourselves in offering the best price.

Do I need to register?
We always check who we are dealing with to protect our customers. Please look at the ID table to see what you need.

Is the service confidential?
Here at Ewe Cash we pride ourselves on our confidentiality. We even have a private room that you can ask to use.

The most popular items to use are:




Broken Jewellery



Top Tip!
Did you know all silver UK coins dated earlier then 1947 have real silver in them? When having a clear out its always worth getting these valued.



Due to the current circumstances and wanting to make the shop as safe for everyone as possible we will only be open for certain services via appointments.

We will be closed on Saturdays until we can fully open.

Please make an appointment by

Calling 01264 335566 Mon – Fri 09:30 – 17:30

Services Available

Gold Buying – Please arrange an appointment.

Pawnbroking – Please arrange an appointment.

New Buy Back – Please arrange an appointment.

Renewal Buy Back – Please arrange an appointment if you must pay by cash. If you can pay by card please call the store to renew.

Redeem Buy Back – Please arrange an appointment.

Chq Cashing – Please arrange an appointment.

Western Union – Please arrange an appointment.

All other services will be closed until the shop re-opens.

Thank you for your patience during this time.