Gold & Silver Buying

  • Turn your unwanted gold and silver into instant cash.
  • We buy all solid gold and silver items.
  • We keep a close eye on the national gold price to ensure we offer you maximum value.
  • We don’t offer just a scrap price we will offer more for your diamonds, gemstones and antique jewellery.
  • We buy from other dealers and traders and we offer our personnel customers the same rates.

How does it work?

  1. Bring the item(s) to our store for an instant valuation with your ID.
  2. We will give you a valuation.
  3. If your happy with the valuation we will pay you cash straight away.
  4. If any items need testing we will test them straight away in store so we can give you your money straight away.


I have inherited a large amount of jewellery and I’m not sure what it’s worth can you help?
We will review each item and explain what you have and its value. We pride ourselves in offering the best price.

Do I need to register?
We always check who we are dealing with to protect our customers. Please look at the ID table to see what you need.

Is the service confidential?
Here at Ewe Cash we pride ourselves on our confidentiality. We even have a private room that you can ask to use.

The most popular items to use are:




Broken Jewellery



Top Tip!
Did you know all silver UK coins dated earlier then 1947 have real silver in them? When having a clear out its always worth getting these valued.