Buy Back

  • A solution to raise instant cash.
  • Use any item(s) of value to raise instant cash with no credit checks.
  • We buy your items from you and give you the exclusive option to buy them back again within 28 days.

How does it work?

  1. Bring your item(s) into the store or contact us for a valuation, we will consider any item(s), however, our most popular are jewellery, phones, tablets, consoles, TV’s, collectables.
  2. We will find out what you need and give you the value of the item(s) you wish to raise cash against.
  3. We will tell you the option fee to buy the item(s) back.
  4. If you’re happy we will buy your item(s) and give you the cash instantly. We will also give you the option to buy the item(s) back 28 days later.
  5. You can then either buy the item(s) back at the same amount plus the option fee. Extend the item(s) for another 28 days by paying just the option fee or leave the item(s) with us.
  6. Don’t forget your ID.


Is the service confidential?
Here at Ewe Cash we pride ourselves on our confidentiality. We even have a private room that you can ask to use.

Do I need to register?
We always check who we are dealing with to protect our customers. Please look at the ID table to see what you need.

If you have bought my item won’t you just sell it?
No we won’t. You have the option to buy it back at a pre-agreed amount for 28 days. We will only sell the item(s) if we haven’t heard from you after 28 days.

The most popular items to use are:







Top Tip!
Keeping the buy back amount low means your option fee is also nice and low. Only get the cash you need.